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    Client Email Templates

    • Sending a Quote/Pricing Email
    • Initial Inquiry Email
    • Service Proposal Email
    • Discovery Call Booking Email
    • Follow Up Email
    • Pinterest Analytics Reporting & Invoice Email
    • Price Increase Email
    • Testimonial Request Email
    • Your Price is Too High Email Response
    • Regular Autoresponder Email
    • Saying No to a Lead Email
    • Away on Holiday Email
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    Client Onboarding Checklist

    • [CHECKLIST] Client Onboarding Checklist
    • [CHECKLIST] Client Questionnaire
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    Content Tracking Template

    • [VIDEO] Tracking your client's content using Google Sheets
    • [TEMPLATE] Content Tracking Template
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    Keyword Tracking Template

    • Using The Keywords Master List
    • [Template] Your Keyword Master List
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    Profile Optimization Tracker

    • [TEMPLATE] Pinterest Profile Optimization Tracker
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    Analytics Tracking Templates

    • [VIDEO] Analytics Tracking Report Part 1
    • [VIDEO] Analytics Tracking Report Part 2
    • [VIDEO] Reporting your client's analytics
    • [TEMPLATE] Reporting your client's analytics
    • [VIDEO] Promoted Pin Performance Tracking
    • [TEMPLATE] Promoted Pin Performance Tracking
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    • [Recorded Live Training] 5 Pillars Business Framework
    • [Recorded Live Training] How do you make yourself indispensable to your client
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