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Simplifying Pinterest Keywords

A deep-dive keyword targeting course for Pinterest managers that want to take Pinterest SEO further.

  • You'll learn how Pinterest keywords work, how pins are selected for 3 Pinterest feeds and the role of your client’s website in Pinterest SEO!

  • You'll learn my Pinterest keyword research process and my strategy for finding the right keywords for each client (template included)!

  • You'll also learn how to implement the keywords effectively across your client’s Pinterest account and what formulas to use for your descriptions (formulas and examples included)!

  • You're getting a behind the scenes look at how Pinterest uses keywords to rank the content on their platform, I'm not only sharing my methods for finding and evaluating keywords but I'm also sharing how Pinterest uses keywords across their platform, how they evaluate where to place your content in the search engine and more.

Sue Crites

This course (SPK) takes my knowledge of Pinterest keywords to a whole different level. ​

Sue Crites

I knew how to search and choose them and where to put them on Pinterest, but not only do I know how to do that even better now, I know exactly how Pinterest looks at all of that and how to use that knowledge to grow my clients' accounts even more. I also know how to help my client use the keywords I've selected on their website to work with Pinterest for better results. I have a comprehensive knowledge of Pinterest keywords now. This course covers it all and then some!​

Pinterest Manager Template Bundle

The ultimate business template bundle for Pinterest managers. All the templates and checklists you need in your Pinterest management business in one place!

  • Client email templates, client onboarding checklist and client onboarding questionnaire

  • Content tracking spreadsheet, Keyword tracking spreadsheet, and Pinterest profile optimization tracker

  • Organic analytics tracker and Pinterest ads analytics tracker

Sam Base

This course (SPK) takes my knowledge of Pinterest keywords to a whole different level. ​

Sam Base

Just wanted to say that this Analytics report spreadsheet is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD amazing! Worth a million bucks! Sue (another student) was right when she said we were in for a treat!

Pinterest Strategy & Pinterest Sales Funnels

This mini course contains the lessons from Chapter 6 & 7 of my signature program, The Pinterest Gameplan™️.

  • Getting Started With A Pinterest Strategy, The Pinterest Strategy Framework Overview, Creating a Pinterest Strategy, Pinterest Strategy Checklist, Adapting Pinterest Strategies

  • Getting started with Pinterest sales funnels, Before You Analyze Your Client’s Sales Funnels, The Pinterest Sales Funnel & The Customer Buying Journey, and examples The Pinterest sales funnels for different end goals

  • Improving Pinterest Sales Funnel Conversions, Key Things You Need To Know About Sales Funnels

Get more details about the Pinterest strategy and sales funnel mini course below.
Learn more here!

Pinterest Strategy Playbook

Your guide to developing your own Pinterest marketing strategy using my signature Pinterest Strategy Framework!

  • 6 things you need to know about Pinterest before you setup Pinterest sales funnels or create a Pinterest strategy

  • Your Pinterest strategy guide that will outline each element in an effective Pinterest strategy with action steps and questions to assist you in developing your own strategy

  • The Pinterest Strategy Checklist - your checklist to help you identify if you've planned, created and implemented each step in the Pinterest Strategy Framework. Bonus templates included!

Shaina Levin

Kathryn Moorhouse's Pinterest Strategy Playbook is a really amazing resource!

Shaina Levin

I feel confident that when applying this new knowledge and using the easy to follow step by step processes listed in this playbook, I will be delivering my Pinterest management clients with the best results possible.


In addition to the bundle of courses and templates above, you're getting some additional bonus lessons

  • The 5 Pillar Business Framework

    As a business strategy coach, Kathryn works with business owners to create a sustainable, profitable and structured business that helps them create the business and life of their dreams. In this workshop training, you're going to learn Kathryn's signature 5 Pillar Business Framework to help you lay the foundation for a scalable, sustainable and successful business.

  • How to make yourself indispensable to your client

    As a Pinterest Manager, you want to build long term relationships with your clients and keep them coming back month after month. This training will teach you how Kathryn has retained clients for 3+ years as a Pinterest manager and how you can do the same. Making your indispensable to your client is easier than you might think. Let's dive into key things you can do to make sure you're on their team for the next 3+ years!

  • Client acquisition training

    I've had so many students ask for a training outlining some of the client acquisition options and strategies they can use as Pinterest managers. In this training I cover: The different types of client acquisition, the client acquisition action steps to take daily or weekly and I've answered questions my Gameplan students had.

  • Creating an unforgettable brand - Ally B Designs

    It's hard to stand out online and book more of your ideal clients - RIGHT?! You need to show your dreamies that you will be the person to take them by the hand and solve their biggest problems. Your brand needs to showcase who you are and allow your potential clients to fall in love with you before they even really "meet" you! In this training you'll discover Ally's exact process to build a personal brand that gets you noticed and booked out!

  • The guide to productive and effective blogging - Hannah Murphy

    A guide for those ready to stand out from the pack (and create an SEO friendly blog that connects with potential clients). In this blogging PDF guide, Hannah will help give you inspiration and a clear strategy plan so you aren’t left wondering what to write, what to include in a blog post and how to connect with potential clients through blog.

  • 3 Types Of Stories You Need For Your Brand - Judy Tsuei

    f you’re aiming to build a complete epic brand, these are the 3 types of stories you’ll need to craft. You want to come back to your core stories in all of your marketing exposure to continue building that essential know-life-trust factor!​

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